In a society that capitalizes from our ignorance our greatest weapon is to think and feel deeply, to see beyond illusions and most of all to believe in humanity, believe in personal empowerment and to believe in the best in us. When we believe we set ourselves on a trajectory to allow magic to unfold in our lives. We open ourselves to miracles. Our choice to believe that a better world is possible dispels current myths and challenges the paradigms of complacency.

We are tasked with creating the future. This includes breaking generational curses and creating new energetic patterns
for our descendants. This means still believing in the midst of economic apartheid, ecological chaos, systematic racism, sexism, poverty, and homophobia. In a speech entitled, The Requisites of True Leadership to the American Association of Colored Educators Ida B. Wells tells us that “Patient, persistent, intelligent effort brings all things to pass.” Indeed she was correct.

As we continue the conversation of human discourse and development in the midst of a crisis in our values we can be encouraged that we are practicing prophetic spirituality. Daniel Bergan defines this as “The prophet is one who speaks the truth to a culture of lies. And while saying no, the prophet also says yes. Yes to equal rights for all, yes to alleviating suffering, yes to embracing the different, yes to who God made you, yes to life.”

Saying yes to life requires some level of faith, some level of believing beyond what our rational minds comprehend. Believing is the practice of faith. Therefore, when we believe we put faith in action.