There are an infinite amount of possibilities available to each of us at all times. Our realization of this truth unleashes the flow of opportunity in our direction. Possibilities exist where we create them or have the eye to spot their glory. They are our right and merely wait for our command.

The desire to understand the deeper meaning of life and explore the questions we all intuitively ask has led me down a path of more compassion and gratitude. This desire has set off a chain of events and has sparked my awakening. I’ve committed to sharing my journey of transformation for the next 12 months because there is power and importance in documenting an experience.

My interest in reshaping the world through public policy led me to pursue a job on Capitol Hill. Through this experience, I’ve been introduced to concepts such as intersectionality, coalition building and developing a people powered politics. I’ve had the challenge and opportunity to develop solutions to our most pressing social issues.

By thinking beyond the current narrative and imagining a better world, I’ve been led back to self. I understand better the saying that tells us, “to change the world, you must change your mind about the world.” I now recognize that I am an agent for change because as my internal state transforms my capacity to be of service expands. A Course in Miracles tells us that, “only through our personal awakening can the world be awakened.” 

Possibilities make themselves visible to an open mind and spirit. Confining ourselves to limiting thought processes and being unwilling to move past our doubts and fears blocks our ability to create and take advantage of the possibilities around us.

Open your eyes to the possibilities around you and draw from the frequency of abundance daily. The world will unveil itself to us the moment we have the courage to step away from fear and remove the blindfold from our eyes. Our lives matter. Moment by moment, day by day. As we say yes to the things that honor us we invite possibilities to unfold.