On this journey of life there will be times when we find ourselves faced with intense struggle and unexpected situations. More often than not, we won’t know what the outcome will be or how the story will end. Although, there is no way to circumvent ourselves from the pains of loss, disappointment and grief we can delight in the beauty of the present moment. We can celebrate the simplicities of life by taking notice of the flower that blooms, the little child who laughs and the smiles of the ones we hold dear to our hearts. When we face difficult situations with courage and choose to cultivate joy in our lives we don’t need to know the end result because our spirits are grounded in a higher principle and knowledge of a supreme covering.

History provides us with many examples of individuals and nations of people who triumphed in the midst of great odds, one of those examples being the people of Haiti. Toussaint L’Ouveture, former slave and leader of the Haitian Revolution led enslaved Africans to independence from European Control and created Haiti, the first free Black nation in the Western Hemisphere. He along with the other Black soldiers triumphed over the Spanish, English and French armies by driving them into the sea. Empowered by their faith and belief in the West African spiritual practices of Vodun and Yoruba the soldiers believed they were unstoppable. Their victory sent hope of freedom to slaves in the U.S. and throughout the British Colonies. 

Let us take a lesson from the geniuses and great achievers of history; nothing can hinder the human spirit determined to triumph over suffering, oppression and injustice. Our triumph is our staying power. It is the ability to persist after unimaginable defeat or sorrow. It’s the strength to give life to new dreams after years of inaction and setbacks. It’s having the wisdom and foresight of the gardener who knows even in drought that the rain will come again. We triumph not from the absence of adversity but in spite of it.