Let’s imagine for a moment that you were reading the story of your life. As you read from chapter to chapter and turned each page you were filled with anticipation because you knew how the story would end. The story ends with you winning. You exceeded all expectations, broke through barriers, overcame obstacles and surpassed your wildest dreams. You won.

Envision the shape our lives would take if we showed up each day believing we’ve already won. Simply shifting our mental attention to positive thinking and understanding the power of our thoughts on our mental, physical, and
emotional well-being has the possibility to transform our lives. All thought forms and thought processes have a way of manifesting themselves into physical reality and in turn creating the circumstances we find ourselves in. This is why the practice of prayer is so powerful because prayer requires shifting the attention of the mind, body and soul to call forth a particular outcome.

So often we clip our own wings and limit our possibilities by refusing to let go of the past, remaining grounded in outdated belief systems, or consumed in negativity. Negative thought processes such as doubt, anger, and envy are counterproductive to our joy. The National Science Foundation published a report in 2005 estimating the human mind thinks between 12,000-60,000 thoughts per day. This means we should get in the habit of allowing thoughts to pass and not allow ourselves to be taken in by each one that comes. We can discipline our minds to be wired for positivity, wired for breakthroughs and wired for happiness. When we silence the mental chatter, overthinking, self criticism and focus on the things we want to bring in our lives, we create space for our blessings. The victory is already ours so we can start empowering and uplifting ourselves by having a winning attitude.