The month of May marks one year since I started releasing these newsletters. It’s been a joy to watch the evolution of my work and to share the lessons I’ve learned walking along this path. I’ve received many emails, calls, and personal messages over the course of this past year about how this newsletter opened minds and lifted spirits. From those individuals who stop my mother at church to those who ask me about the newsletters in the cafeteria on Capitol Hill, I am so grateful for your kind words and your support.

One year later, I am feeling stronger and more driven and inspired to carry on. In this issue, I’m excited to share with you a feature story on Corey Minor Smith who is a transformational speaker, author and mental health advocate. Corey’s life story reminds us to take advantage of ‘undesirable circumstances.’ Contributor Tony Logan reminds us that faith without work doesn’t work. I hope you enjoy these stories of inspiration and that you are inspired to take bold action today and always.