“Faith without works is dead” is not a suggestion, but rather a biblical promise that reveals that you can’t have one without the other. Faith is required to give us the confidence we need to seek the things we prayed for, but work is necessary to get us there. This current season you may be preparing to launch a business or plan to move up within a company. Both situations require risk and will require us to go through a season of being vulnerable and challenged that will take us away from our place of comfort as we navigate this moment of faith.  Unfortunately, this is a part of the journey where many of our dreams and hopes become idle because we only act on half of that scripture that we mentioned. We have the faith to act, but we don’t have the work to support it. Our dreams require action, movement, and ambition to fuel our faith when we need it to the most. Leaning on faith can sometimes lead us to believe a false narrative: That when the time is perfect; I will take the leap of faith. As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the intent behind that statement, but in reality, the concept doesn’t hold. There will never be a perfect time to take a leap of faith. In fact, times of comfort are the hardest times to take that leap because, quite frankly, we become accustomed to our lifestyle and are afraid of change and uncertainty. That’s what faith looks like sometimes if we’re honest. However, every season should be a season of faith and work and sowing and reaping. When we combine our work with our faith, we no longer have to wait on opportunities to arrive; we create them. If you’re at a crossroads and wondering if this is the season to act, I have just one question: What have you sowed? What have you done to prepare yourself for this moment? Everything that you’ve been through has prepared you for what you need for the right time. Are you prepared? Take the leap!