The month of May marks one year since I started releasing these newsletters. It’s been a joy to watch the evolution of my work and to share the lessons I’ve learned walking along this path. [...]


During a time when the normal flow of our lives has been disrupted by a global public health emergency we are given the opportunity to examine what this means for our society. We are bearing [...]


There are an infinite amount of possibilities available to each of us at all times. Our realization of this truth unleashes the flow of opportunity in our direction. Possibilities exist where we create them or [...]


In a society that capitalizes from our ignorance our greatest weapon is to think and feel deeply, to see beyond illusions and most of all to believe in humanity, believe in personal empowerment and to [...]


Stepping into prosperity requires a shift from a mind- set of scarcity to one of abundance. Scarcity is a myth that keeps us searching for fulfillment outside of ourselves. The belief that there is not [...]


Driven, Tenacious, Determined. Corey Minor Smith

Transformational speaker, author and attorney, Corey Minor Smith is taking mental health advocacy to new heights. Corey’s advocacy work is rooted in her desire to eradicate stigmas associated with mental illness and to share information [...]

Appreciating the Process By Tony Logan

In the driven and ambitious society that we live in, everything we do seems to be measured by the instant results. No longer, are the days when we were taught to work hard, stay consistent [...]